China is bursting for more blueberries.

China is bursting for more blueberries. The market is growing exponentially, according to Eric Li from Yiguo.

Some of the leading companies seen at the 6th edition of the the International Blueberry Organization (IBO) Summit, which took place in Concordia, Argentina, and in Salto, Uruguay, over September 20-22.

The sixth edition of the IBO Summit took place in Concordia, Argentina, and Salto, Uruguay, over September 20-22.

All about blueberries in Latin America

Find out why Chile is in a leading position, how Argentina seeks to differentiate itself based on the taste of its blueberries, what is changing in terms of Mexico's blueberry expertise, and more.

Peak Quality's business strategy consists of consolidating its foothold in markets where it is already present, such as Spain, the largest European market for its exports, followed by the Netherlands, the UK and Italy, prior to further expansion.

Located in the city of Ica, 300 kilometres south of Lima, Peak Quality is a company founded in 2005 dedicated to the cultivation, packaging and export of fresh green asparagus.

The blueberry grower Delta Berries is a packer and exporter located in the Concordia region, which supplies 50% of Argentina’s total blueberry volume,.

This blueberry grower, packer and exporter is located in the Concordia region, which supplies 50% of Argentina’s total blueberry volume, in the province of Entre Ríos.

To be called Munger-Hortifrut North America, Inc., the new subsidiary of Hortifrut S.A. will manage its North American berry operations

Munger Brothers, LLC (California, US) and Hortifrut S.A.

The Daytona blueberry grader has a versatile, low-impact feed-in and can be adapted to the different requirements of each client in terms of both   workloads and speed.

The new product that Ser.mac launched at Fruit Logistica 2016 in Berlin is called Daytona Blueberry.

Agroberries has more than 500ha of blueberries planted between Chile and Argentina.

Agroberries is consolidated as one of the Southern Hemisphere’s leading exporters, producing in Chile, Argentina, Mexico and the US.

Chile is now the largest exporter of blueberries worldwide and the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest producer, benefitting from the contrasting seasons.

After last season’s cold spells, Chilean blueberry exports this campaign reached 91,000 tons, meaning growth of roughly 22% on 2013/14 (74,653 tons), but only 5% on the previous season.

Although the US and the EU are the most valuable export destinations, the ABC (Argentinian Blueberry Committee) is currently working alongside national organisations to open up new Asian markets.

Prolonged rains and a cold spring, resulting from the El Niño current, led to a slow start to the 2015 season.


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