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Hazera decided to support agricultural development in Africa, providing high quality seeds and expertise to support people improving their living conditions.

Vegetable seed company Hazera’s mission is to contribute to the supply of high quality vegetables all over the world.

The transaction has been completed after the acquisition of AKIRA SEEDS S.L. by United Genetics Holding LLC, part of the important Japanese agro-food group KAGOME. From now on, the start-up Spanish subsidiary UNIGEN SEEDS SPAIN S.L will enclose the whole structure of AKIRA SEEDS S.L.

The Japanese-named Spanish company Akira Seeds has been finally integrated into a Japanese group just ten years after it was founded.

Top Seeds is one of the most innovative companies in genetics in the world, only sells its own genetic products.

Over these four campaigns, the company has established its position among the top flight of companies for seeds. Indeed, Top Seeds is one of the most innovative companies in genetics in the world.

After last year’s successful launch of the Flower Sprout –  a small green and purple sprout with curly leaves – throughout Europe, particularly in the UK and Scandinavian markets, Tozer Seeds is looking for new business opportunities in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Tozer Seeds has long been a European market leader in celery and parsnip varietal development and now this British vegetable breeding company is looking for new

The key to the improved fruit shelf life, is mutation of the “stay green gene” in the cucumber plant

Cucumbers which have a shelf life of up to 5 weeks – thanks to mutation induced in the cucumber plant’s DNA – are described in a patent application by Enza Zaden Beheer B.V.

Knox extends the shelf life of lettuce by 2 days.

Nothing beats the freshness of fresh lettuce, and fresh-cut bagged lettuce has gained considerable ground in recent years. However, the pinking on the edges poses a problem.

‘Fruit Quality Contract’ (FQC) is the value-added service provided by Syngenta to enhance market access for growers and partners

Syngenta's contribution to the fresh produce industry is double: innovative vegetable varieties and integrated solutions like ‘Fruit Quality Contract’ to enhance market access.

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