Azerbaijan became the leading exporter of tomato to Russia, according to the figures of Federal customs service (January- June 2018). Morocco and China are other leaders.

A giant tomato greenhouse is to begin operations in Suffolk, UK.

Mexico’s fresh tomato production for 2018/19 is expected to be 3.4 million metric tons, assuming favourable weather conditions.

Mexico’s tomato production is expected to remain stable in 2018/19 at 3.4 million tons.

April’s cool weather conditions dampened tomato consumption in France. This has created an imbalanced market as supply has continued to increase.

The cocktail tomato has gained a firm foothold in the tomato category in numerous markets over the years.

The EU tomato market has demonstrated its ability to fluctuate quickly.

Prominent, the Dutch growers’ association whose motto is ‘Success through partnership’, has been an innovative tomato specialist for almost 25 years.

Production data released by Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture reveals that the 2017 tomato harvest was slightly up on the 2016 volumes (+1.4%).

Europe is to step up its aid package to prop up the Canary Islands tomato production while also accepting the Canary Islands Government’s proposal to support its olive and aloe vera production.


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