San Miguel is focusing on exploring new markets, expanding its fruit supply in those where it is already present, bolstering the pillars of its company identity and strengthening its quality and sustainability policies.

With a total of 7,760 hectares planted in three countries (Argentina, Uruguay and South Africa) and a total in 2015 of 91,058 tons of citrus exports, San Miguel is focusing on exploring new markets

Tucumán has 40,000 ha of lemon crops. The environmental conditions make it possible to obtain fruit with very good characteristics of high industrial value, which with the right treatment provides a good, fresh asset. The business sector acted intelligently by investing heavily in capital, resulting in the development of an extremely important cluster.

The Tucumán Citrus Association, ATC, is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The Spanish lemon campaign is on track to start on time in September, with exports in full swing by October.

Spain’s lemon crop is expected to bounce back to normal in the 2016/17 season with a harvest of about 980,000 tons.

Thanks predominantly to shoppers buying them more often, retail sales of lemons in the UK are up 13.6% on last year to 47,000 tons.

 ‘Non-supermarkets’ accounted for a 20% share of lemon sales over the 12 month period.

More than half of all Australian households purchased lemons in the year to June 11.

By the end of the first week of July, 58.5 million 15 Kg cartons had been packed (up from 53.9 million in 2015) and 47.8 million had been shipped (up from 44.4 million).

Packing of citrus in Southern Africa is so far ahead of last season but growers expect an early end to the season.

Brexit could mean UK consumers have access to southern African citrus fruit at lower prices, according to Citrus Growers Association of southern Africa CEO Justin Chadwick.

Brexit should see a normalisation of citrus trade between southern Africa and the UK, “unencumbered by protectionism, tariffs and technical barriers to trade,” says the Citrus Growers Association o

While EU lemon trade with Russia suffered an important decline due to the Russian ban, recently, EU-28 citrus exports to new strategic markets such as North America and Asia are increasing to compensate the loss of the Russian market.

Lemon and lime imports into the EU – a net importer of lemons – reached 399,040 tons in the 2014/15 marketing year (November-October), a 5% rise on the previous year.

In a press release, the Club of Protected Plant Varieties, has welcomed new developments regarding the protection of the Nadorcott mandarin.

Battaglio Spa is a company specialising in fruit imports and distribution which imports, packs and distributes bananas, pineapples, apples, pears, citrus in Italy, as well as every other kind of fruit from various countries, depending on the different seasons.

Off season and tropical fruit imports keep on growing in Italy.


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