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After the success of Mac Fruit Attraction Mena, a new meeting will take place in Shanghai, in the framework of the HORTI CHINA trade fair in November of this year

MAFF and MEXT jointly decided to mount a nationwide campaign to support agricultural high schools in getting international certification of GAP

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) jointly decided to mount a nationwide campaign to support ag

Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions are key growth drivers of packaged food globally

A surge in consumer demand for knowledge of food origin and source is now a key factor for successful sales and marketing in the global food industry, according to the latest research. 

Primland this time offers its clients the option to support their sales in stores by directly incentivising consumers.

To mark Chinese New Year (28 January 2017), the retail stores Wellcome and Jasons are offering an elegant shopping bag created specially for this occasion to 6000 customers who purchase an entire t

BFV can look back at a very fruitful 2016, with stronger market positions in Brazil, China and India.

Although marketing efforts have initially still been hampered by the closure of the Russian market, BFV has managed to stay profitable over the last two years.

‘In’ stands for innovation, ’na’ for nature, ’t’ for tradition and know-how, and ‘is’ represents an ending that is open with promise of longevity and prosperity for Innatis! Together, the name reflects Innatis’s core values: innovating with nature to grow fruit with dedication.

The group decided to rethink its identity due recent developments.

Experts say access to dietary vitamin D is crucial In sunlight-starved regions, yet very few foods are naturally rich in this vitamin, which among other things is needed for strong bones and teeth, and even heart health. Wild mushrooms can be a good source of vitamin D2 but until recently their commercial cousins – usually grown and sold indoors – were not.

Ultraviolet-treated mushrooms with increased vitamin D have been given the okay to be placed on the EU market under the EU’s novel food regulation.

Cauliflower steaks and portobello mushroom burgers are already very popular in trendy restaurants around the country and in recipes from celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver but this is the first time they’ve ever been available in high street supermarkets.

In a nod to vegetarians who feel an afterthought at BBQs, UK supermarket chain Tesco this week launched a new prepared vegetables BBQ range featuring cauliflower steaks and Portobello mushroom stea

This year’s food trends lead to the produce department of Frieda’s Specialty.

The skin of Bayer's new Galkia melon indicates the best time for harvest by changing from green to yellow.

Bayer launched its Galkia melon at Fruit Logistica 2016 with the promise of consistent melon flavour and quality, and optimum ripeness, all through summer.


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