2017 saw a 1% rise in the value of Spain’s fresh produce exports to non-EU countries to €538 million, according to Customs and Excise data.

Spain recorded a slight increase in the value of its fresh produce exports to countries outside the EU in 2017, according to new data from the country's Customs and Excise department.

The rains of January 27 and 28 in the Alicante countryside have saved what is left of the vegetable campaign.

Spain’s distribution sector differs markedly from that of other EU countries, where large chains control over 90% of agri-food retail sales. In Spain, distribution is much more balanced.

Throughout the three-day fair, CMR received a large number of visitors at its stand, including growers, customers, partners and various service providers, with whom collaboration agreements were co

A shortage of supply caused by a recent cold snap in Spain has triggered record prices for some horticultural products for this time of year.

The cold snap that hit Spain in the first weeks of January has hurt production and will see prices rise, reports national newspaper El País.

There was striking growth of 52% in Spain's avocado imports, to 79,805 tons, with a corresponding rise in value of 62% to €161 million.

Spain’s imports of fresh fruit and vegetables rose 15% in volume, to 2.3 million tons, and 22% in value, to €1.93 billion, from January to October compared to the same period the previous year.

Compared to August last year, Spain’s exports of fresh fruit and vegetables this August were 11.7% higher in volume and 12% in value, totalling 768,993 tons and €665.6 million, according to Customs data analysed by Fepex.

Spain’s exports of fresh fruit and vegetables in the first eight months of this year were down 4.1% in volume but up 4.4% in value on the same period last year.

New estimates for Spain’s 2016 fruit and vegetable harvest show the total of tomatoes harvested over Jan 1-May 31 is forecast to be up 3.9% on last year, to more than 1.08 million tons, while the raspberry crop is expected to be 13.1% higher and that of strawberries is set to rise 7.9% to 342,700 tons.

Spain’s raspberry crop is expected to be 13.1% higher this year, relative to 2015, reaching 19,000 tons, while that of strawberries

Spain’s May-November summer harvest of artichokes is underway, with an output of 4 million tons anticipated.

Artichokes are not just a winter vegetable, they can now be eaten year-round in Spain, the country’s artichoke association, Alcachofa de España, wants to remind consumers.


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