The consumption of fresh organic food and drinks increased by 6% in 2017 in Belgium, while in the Flanders region, the increase was as high as 11%.

On 20-21 March, global biotech company Syngenta held a field day in its Jordan Valley R&D trialling station for its customers from North East Africa.

Amidst an escalating trade war between China and the US, a historic event went little noticed.

Imports of fresh produce are being passed off as PGI products grown in Sicily. This is the assertion of the island’s Regional Councilor for Agriculture, Edy Bandiera.

Ioannis Triantafyllis, member of the board of the World Union of Wholesale Markets, recently set out his vision for the future, one in which markets will still be close to the cities they feed while harnessing the latest in green and cold chain technology.

What should the next generation of wholesale markets be like?

According to USDA data, in 2017, US vegetable and melon production was 6% below the 2016 level. The area harvested in 2017 was 2.48 million acres, a 4% reduction from the previous year.

Consolidation of FMCG players continues all over Russia. Large federal retailers squeeze local companies. As a result, there won’t be soon any diversity on the market, and it is a pity.

France’s fruit markets face very different conditions as we move into spring.

One upshot of the recently signed trade agreements between Chile and Indonesian should be a massive influx of Chilean fruit onto the supermarkets shelves of the world’s fourth most populous country

In a bid to reduce the country’s trade deficit, Algeria has announced a ban on imports of 900 products, according to the Algerian Ministry of Commerce.


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