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A report published by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) highlights the probable source of a listeria outbreak in recent years is most likely derived from a frozen food processing plant in H

The French Government has announcer measures to reduce pesticide use in farming, but has softened its stance on an outright ban on controversial chemical glyphosate, which is believed to cause canc

EFSA’s plant health experts believe that the pathogen causing citrus black spot disease (CBS) is present in Europe.

In a panel discussion hosted in Monheim, Germany on November 29, five food chain experts concluded that food safety is only one aspect of a complex series of required private standards.

In attendance at Huelva’s Citriculture Forum organised by the Ecovalia association was Valentín Almansa, general director of Spain’s Health of Agricultural Production department of the Ministry of

In recent times, concerns have been raised regarding the safety of citrus fruits from southern Africa, with pleas from Valencia’s politicians for the EU to intervene.

The banana is the world’s most valuable export market for fresh fruit, but until now, conditions for those working in the industry have not been good enough.

Authorities in the UK are investigating an outbreak of E.coli O157 which could be linked to eating mixed salad leaves, including rocket leaves.

Authorities in the UK are investigating an outbreak of E.coli O157.

The FDA said the new FSMA Produce Safety rule is all about “keeping food safe for consumption.” It establishes “mandatory science-based, minimum standards for the safe growing, harvesting, packing, and holding of fruits and vegetables grown for human consumption.”

New testing and other standards for producing sprouts – which have been associated with various foodborne illness outbreaks – is one of the key elements of the now final FDA Food Safety Modernizati

Insects with high potential for food use in the EU: house flies, mealworms, crickets and silkworms

A Dutch supermarket chain sells insect burgers and nuggets, a Belgian supermarket chain offers burgers with buffalo worms, and vegetable spreads made with mealworms, and in the UK, bags of whole me


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