Total Produce has announced that it will be buying a 45% share of fresh fruit rival Dole in a deal reported to be worth US$300 million.

Meanwhile, the EU’s consumption of citrus fruit has increased in response to campaigns highlighting the health benefits of the fruit.

The EU devotes 280,000 hectares to oranges, half of which is located in Spain.

The world’s largest fruit and vegetable supplier Greenyard is set to take over Dole Food in a deal worth a potential US$2.5billion.

The Andalusian Government has petitioned the EU to improve the functioning of the food chain by eliminating unfair commercial practices, including value-sharing mechanisms and increasing market tra

Although the Netherlands is a country which imports more than it exports, it is the fourth largest exporter of fresh fruit in the world, primarily serving the role of distributor country.

Most EU sugar beet producing countries expect above-average yields and sugar contents.

Simpler rules and a more flexible approach are the proposals of the European Commission on "The Future of Food and Farming", which aims to draw up a road map for the future of the EU’s Common Agric

To reduce the 88 million tons of food being wasted each year in the EU, a multi-country panel of experts has been set up to share knowledge with consumers, producers and retailers.

EU agri-food exports remained high in September 2017 at €11.7 billion.


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