Frieda's – ready for the veg-olution

Frieda's – ready for the veg-olution

This year’s food trends lead to the produce department of Frieda’s Specialty. From the clean-eating movement to a more vegetable-centric menu, this American company promises a great vegetable revolution in 2016.

More and more shoppers in North America are cutting out processed food and artificial ingredients from their diets, switching to more fresh ingredients instead. That´s why American company Frieda takes advantage of this trend and keeps shoppers coming back for more by consistently stocking the produce department with a variety of nutrient-dense vegetables like Sunchokes® and Stokes Purple™ Sweet Potatoes, and flavour boosters like ginger, fresh chilli peppers, along with various onions.

“With the Meatless Monday movement continuing to gain popularity and vegetable spiralisers flying off the shelf, it’s easy to see that vegetables are gaining ground as the star players in restaurants as well as at home,” says Karen Caplan. “Coloured carrot and courgette ribbons are nudging out actual pasta, and roasted root vegetables such as celery root and colourful beet varieties are taking over more plate space at dinner time.”

Frieda's Specialty Produce celebrates a 53-year legacy of inspiring new food experiences for friends, family, and food lovers everywhere. Credited with introducing more than 200 specialty fruits and vegetables to US supermarkets, Frieda's has helped launch unique items like Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes, Sangria Artichokes, Habanero Peppers, Sunchokes® and Organic Finger Limes.

Founded in 1962 by produce industry icon Dr Frieda Rapoport Caplan, subject of the 2015 documentary "Fear No Fruit," the family company is now owned and run by Frieda's daughters, Karen Caplan and Jackie Caplan Wiggins, in Orange County, California.