International Seminars a must in Guadalajara, Tucuman, Lima and Huelva

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November 09th, 2017

International Seminars a must in Guadalajara, Tucuman, Lima and Huelva

On 8th June, the Hotel Hyatt Regency Andares in Guadalajara, Mexico, plays host to the 6th edition of the International Seminar organised by Blueberries Consulting (Chile) and AGQ International. “We are going to resume the conversation that took place last year in Santiago (Chile), Guadalajara and Lima during the previous run of seminars. Again in 2017, the invitation is open to everyone there, and also to those in Tucuman and Huelva,” says Digcio Herrera from Blueberries Consulting. The events will showcase the latest research and studies in blueberry cultivation worldwide, as well as different perspectives on the new challenges facing the berry sector. The 7th International Blueberries Seminar will take place on 13th June at the Hotel JW Marriott in Lima, Peru. The 8th International Blueberries Seminar will then take place on 28th June at the Hotel Sheraton in Tucuman, Argentina, and the 9th International Blueberries Seminar will be held in Europe on 9th November at the Hotel Barcelo Punta Umbria in Huelva, Spain.

 “The market’s globalisation implies having global knowledge about all kinds of new technologies and also about specific local innovations. That’s why all these seminars are carefully designed to socialise the knowledge required for decision-making, collating the existing information to reveal the latest research and study outcomes, as well as other key information about the latest developments in the industry for the berry sector. Also, they will give an overall view of the most advanced technological innovations from new varieties to the latest harvest and postharvest technology. Thus, the berry sector will be more united and better informed about the new scenarios that are looming,” says Digcio Herrera.

Guadalajara, Mexico. 8th June.
Lima, Peru. 13th June.
Tucuman, Argentina. 28th June.
Huelva, Spain. 9th November.

The importance acquired by the International Blueberries Seminars organised by Blueberries Consulting and AGQ Labs International is undeniable. All the stakeholders recognise the contributions they make to industrial development, knowledge and information transfer about different aspects of blueberry crops.

There was a long, productive conversation between blueberry harvesters “that will return in the short-term,” we said then…

Everyone is invited to the new International Seminar Cycle 2017, specialising in blueberry crops.

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