Berries of Ukraine-2017. Frozen Produce & Fresh Market Conference

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May 18th, 2017

Berries of Ukraine-2017. Frozen Produce & Fresh Market Conference

The program of the 8th International Conference “Berries of Ukraine-2017. Frozen Produce & Fresh Market” is available in its final version. The conference agenda includes 20 expert speakers from Ukraine, Belarus, the Netherlands, France, Italy and the UK. The event’s program for May 18 will focus on the following topics:

· The Ukrainian market for fresh berries. Present situation and development prospects

· The Ukrainian market for organic berries. Certification of berry production as a prerequisite for companies with the focus on export

· Promising berry crops for export. Exports of Ukrainian berries to Belarus, requirements to quality, handling and packaging

· Ukrainian Horticulture Business Development Project: solutions for small and middle-sized berry growers

· Labor force as a necessary part and problem of the berry business. How does it look like today, what should be expected in the nearest time?

· Master class. Strawberries as a favorite of the 2017 Ukrainian berry season. Solutions to raise margin under current conditions

· Master class. Sweet cherry growing technologies. Key problems and approaches to their solutions

· Sweet cherry production in Ukraine. Practical experience and main problems

· Master class. Right approach to choose berry plants: from growing to planting

· Master class. The fifth most popular berry crop in Ukraine: honeyberries, blackberries or redcurrants?

· Technological support for berry production: plants, irrigation, machinery

· How to protect berry crops from pests and diseases efficiently?

· Agrochemical maintenance for berry plantations to reduce damages from force majeure

· Optical sorting equipment for berries from Concept Engineers B.V.

· Advantages of shock freezing of berries. Secrets of smart shock freezing

· High-quality packaging materials for berries

· Innovative technological solutions for the berry business

· A.P. certification for the berry business. Are there any additional necessary certificates for successful business?

· The UK is ready to import cherries and berries from Ukraine: key crops, requirements to quality, packaging

· Berry sales channels: wholesale/supermarkets, export, processing

The second conference day (May 19) will include a practical business-tour to Aurora, one of the leading growers in the region. The scope of Aurora’s activities includes sweet cherry growing (new intensive orchard and up-to-40-year plantations); production of cherry plums, plums, apricots, pears, apples; production of sweet cherries under cover; fruit tree nursery; fruit handling and storage facilities.

As of today, there are more than 140 delegates, who have already confirmed their participation in the event. Altogether, the conference will attract more than 200 professionals from 10-12 countries of the world (above a half of them will be represented by Ukrainian growers of berries and cherries).

The conference is organized by Fruit-Inform. Syngenta is the General Conference Sponsor. Ukrainian Horticulture Business Development Project and Ukrainian Vegetable Company are the Conference Partners. The conference is supported by Agricultural Department of Zaporizhia Oblast State Administration. Aurora is the Conference Business-Tour Partner.

More detailed information about the event, inclusive of final agenda, participation conditions, advertising possibilities, recommended hotels and application form, is available on the conference web-site.

Zaporiyia, Ukraine